The Essence of Things: New Designs from Norway

— Frost Produkt 

Frost Produkt is an Oslo based Product Design consultancy established in 2002. We are currently seven product/ industrial designers with many years of experience from Norway and abroad. We have been lucky to work with positive, good and diverse customers and product sectors for over ten years. Among these are; bicycle and bike sharing systems, interior related products, sport and safety goods, video conference systems, reverse vending machines, structural packaging, public/outdoor furniture, art installations, office chair etc.

Our goal is to contribute with thorough, positive, timeless, sustainable and holistic products and solutions.

Nott Lights

Made for 100% Norway, London Design Festival. Oil lamps made out of hand-blown Czech glass and polished aluminium. The Nott lights might draw comparisons with hot air balloons and are dedicated to the infamous balloonist Julian Nott. The lamps are shown in five different colours and has a ventilation opening in the side that also works when lighting the Nott light with a match

— Gridy (Lars Olav Dybdal & Wilhelm Grieg Teisner)

Gridy consists of two designers based in Oslo, Norway, specialized within furniture, product and spatial design. We strive to create simple, functional solutions with a strong personality that communicates with the user through recognition of symbols and everyday objects. Gridy often draw inspiration from everyday life and try to combine a rational approach with a dash of humor.


Product info: Grandpa is a new interpretetion of the classic mantle clock. This minimalistic wooden clock can be placed on any flat surface. Grandpa comes with selected couloured handles like black, white and brass.

— Andreas Engesvik

Andreas Engesvik (born 1970) has a Bachelors degree in Art History from the University of Bergen Norway (1991/1995). Andreas went on to study Design at the National College of Art and Design. He graduated in 2000 with a Masters degree in Design and founded in the same year Norway Says. In 2009, after 6 successful years, as a company, Andreas Engesvik went solo and founded his new studio ANDREAS ENGESVIK, OSLO. His studio is working in various fields of design ranging from furniture and tableware to industrial design for various international clients such as Iittala, Muuto, Ligne Roset and Asplund.

Awards (a selection): Red Dot Award 2012, IF Product Design Award 2010, Wallpaper design Award 2009, (best light) 2009, Torsten & Wanja Søderberg Award, Sweden 2007, Wallpaper design Award 2004, (best sofa) 2004, The Bruno Mathsson Award, Sweden 2004. Andreas Engesvik was in 2012 appointed as Guest Professor at The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm.

The Woods

The Woods is the second collaboration between the Norwegian design studios StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo. The inspiration was found in the forests and the lights of the North. A tree changing colours and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.

Our ambition was to work sculpturally – without any specific function other than the purely decorative. A renewed interest in the field of craftsmanship, tradition and new categories - has brought us into an area and expressions that we wanted to explore further. Thus, reducing the gap between industrial design and what we know as arts and crafts.

The unique, free standing glass sculpture The Woods, is a made out of hand blown glass. Each sculpture consists of seven trees – joined in two separate sections.

Design: StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Vang Chair


We started developing the wooden chair – Vang – in the fall of 2010. It is produced by the traditional handicraft factory Tonning, which since 1946 has been located in Stryn, amongst fjords and mountains west in Norway. They have a reputation for making high quality handcrafted furniture.

Tonning is also known for it´s cooperation with Norwegian designer Alf Sture in the 1960s and 70s. Many of these models still represent the basis in the Tonning collection.

The Vang series is planned as a collection. The first ones out is the wooden chair, and a dining table in solid oak. The table is crafted with a table top extension mechanism and embedded inlays.

The wooden chair in the Vang series is built and constructed around a sturdy encompassing framework. The uprights that form the backrest and the way they are connected to the seat, is a theme that comes directly from Alf Sture´s Windsor chairs, designed for Tonning in the 1960s. The stick-back-theme is reworked to fit into a modern context.

The steam-bent top-piece, that has been used by a number of designers through the years, is today recognized as a classic scandinavian design element. Originally this motif came from China. The top-piece was common in chairs from the Ming period.
The technique is traditional; joint fittings and glue.

— Günzler.polmar

Günzler.polmar is a design studio based in Oslo, Norway. After studying together at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Victoria and Sara started working as a team and established their studio günzler.polmar in 2011. Together with Sverre Uhnger they established Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) in 2012,

BENKT Blanket

BENKT blanket is related to our project BENKT bench, and was developed for 100% Norway exhibition in 2012. The blanket´s graphic pattern is based upon the cylindrical cushions on the sofas backrest. BENKT blanket is produced with the help of Norwegian company Røros Tweed. It is manufacured with traditional weaving technique in pure, brightly colored wool.


As designers we usually focus on creating objects meant to last a long time. As a contrast we thought it would be interesting to work with wax and candles, precisely because of its short lifespan. Rather than being long lasting candles are meant to provide a certain atmosphere and experience. To underline the candles impermanence we also chose to work with stone. Stone is perceived as stabile and permanent, and is the opposite of wax when it comes to durability.

We wanted to develop a candle that does not require a holder or candlestick. The result is a candle that can be used on any non-flammable surface. The candle base allows it to stand on its own, while maintaining the slim expression of a chandelier candle. The design refers to traditional candles, but the base and unusual height gives it an unexpected expression. We used the stones range of colors when choosing shades and nuances for the candles. This makes the two elements relate to each other despite their differences.

— Hallgeir Homstvedt

Hallgeir Homstvedt is a product & furniture designer based in Oslo. After completing his degree in 2006 Hallgeir worked at the much celebrated design studio Norway Says for three years.

In 2009 Hallgeir opened his own design studio, focusing on furniture and product design. In part of establishing an independent Studio, Hallgeir has been exhibiting in London,
Tokyo, Oslo & Milan the past few years. Hallgeir is currently working with several renowned Norwegian and International furniture manufacturers.


Tangent is a set of vases that balances on a metal tray. One or more vases can freely be moved around on the tray to create the desired composition. The rounded base of the vases is tangent to the tray creating an appearance of the vases floating on the surface. A strong Neodymium magnet attached at the bottom of the vases lock them in an upright position while at the same time allow for free movement within the tray. 

— Maria Bjørlykke

Maria Bjørlykke is currently working on her master’s degree in Furniture and Spatialdesign at the Oslo National Academy of the Art

Life in the bottom of the forest fascinates me. But beautiful details are often hidden. When you bend down a whole world comes into view. Kantarell is inspired by plants, which extends towards the sunlight. The table consists of three tabletops in ash and is turned by hand.

— Marianne Andersen

Marianne Andersen, based in Oslo, recently graduated Industrial designer at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO 2013).

“In Theory” is a series of pendant lamps designed with the intention to shed light on the importance of preserving domestic production.

The design takes into consideration challenges with producing craftbased domestic products, in a high-cost country like Norway.

The density is unique for each pendant and has a deliberate function to esthetically amplify the diversity that is characteristic for manually blown glass. The technique is designed to allow the individual glassmakers decisions during the glass-blowing process to imprint the end result, enhancing the craft.

The wood part compliments the crystal glass, and works as a canvas for the gradient. The light breaks just at the edge of the lamp, creating a vibrant color effect.

— Martin Solem

The mirror was !rst made for an exhibition in Oslo, Norway, called “Klubben”. I was invited to participate and received a box full of small objects for inspiration. My idea was inspired by old 3-sided mirrors. A product that today is more common to see in antique shops. By thinking of the classic product in a more modern and simple way, I chose materials and techniques to create a product of high quality for a reasonable price. The base is made of massive wood and the mirror is highly polished steel. It can be used on the wall, on a table, or on the “oor in a taller version.

Martin describes his work: “As a designer I always try to be innovative, but I might be a bit old fashioned in my thoughts of design. For me a product has to be realistic and useful to be called good design. What I try to do is to combine these basic thoughts with new innovative ideas”.


— Siv Lier

I am a designer working from the west coast city Bergen in Norway. I work with furniture, object and space design, and make friendly design with a twist and a strong emphasis on sustainability.


Total eclipse is a wall lamp where shape and intensity of light changes along with the shifting position of a disc. The lamp has two discs - one opaque and one of frosted glass. When the opaque disc covers the frosted one completely, the lamp only gives an indirect light on the wall. With its few components and absence of high-tech solutions, Total eclipse represents a stripped-down, though astrophysic, way of creating dimmable light that Bonnie Tyler hopefully would approve of.

— Petter Skogstad

Product designer based in Oslo with a MA in product design from Akershus University Col­lege 2005-2010.  His work concentrate around various fields of product design, rang­ing from furniture and tableware to other domestic objects for interational clients like Established & Sons, Muuto and One Nordic. Currently he is working as a senior product designer for Studio Anderssen & Voll as well as working with other projects for various clients.

Voted Young designer of the year in 2011 by Elle Decor, Norway.

— Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll was established in the fall of 2009 and have received several awards for their work, including the Wallpaper Award, IF Award, and the Honorary Award for Best Design in Norway. 

Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll were previously founders and running partners of the design group Norway Says. Design at A & V means being receptive to cultural and market shifts, and applying this knowledge in forward-thinking ways to generate groundbreaking and desirable products for their clients. Anderssen & Voll work within various fields of design but focus on the domestic objects.


Bowling designed by Skogstad, Homstvedt and Anderssen & Voll, shows impeccable workmanship in a series of wooden bowls. The design pushes the extremes of turning wood as the solid ash wall is forced to a very minimum while leaving a soft gripping rim at the top. Stained in soft colours of pink, white or gray the bowls are waxed and polished creating a deep glowing finish

Petter Skogstad, Hallgeir Homstvedt and Anderssen & Voll are all a part of the internationally oriented Norwegian design scene that has been emerging over the last decade. They work as separate entities. However they share working space in the center of Oslo and joined forces especially for this project.

The bowls are produced by One Nordic Furniture Company

— Stine Aas

Stine Aas is currently finishing her 3rd year Bachelor at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design: Furniture and Room Design/Interior Architecture.

A new interpretation of the traditional glass-fronted cabinet. Light is reflected through the cabinet and gives a shadow effect of objects placed inside. DISPLAYAWAY gives everyday objects new value, and gives an experience without requiring anything from the user. The shelves’ rounded corners make them separate from the hull, creating a floating lightness.

— StokkeAustad

StokkeAustad was founded in 2007 by Jonas Ravlo Stokke (born 1978) and Øystein Austad (born 1979). Both have a Master degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. In 2008 Joachim Levin teamed up as a business developer, and became a partner of the studio. 

StokkeAustad is working in the fields of industrial design, interior and furniture design for various international clients. StokkeAustad has been drawing attention through numerous international exhibitions and won several awards for their designs.

The Woods

The Woods is the second collaboration between the Norwegian design studios StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo. The inspiration was found in the forests and the lights of the North. A tree changing colours and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.

Our ambition was to work sculpturally – without any specific function other than the purely decorative. A renewed interest in the field of craftsmanship, tradition and new categories - has brought us into an area and expressions that we wanted to explore further. Thus, reducing the gap between industrial design and what we know as arts and crafts.

The unique, free standing glass sculpture The Woods, is a made out of hand blown glass. Each sculpture consists of seven trees – joined in two separate sections.

Design: StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Ash Bowls

— Sverre Uhnger

Based in Oslo since 2011 my work ranges from furniture and product design to exhibitions and design counseling. I have a background in cabinetmaking and an education from Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Aalto University. Collaborating with other designers is inspiring and in 2012 I established Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) together with Sara Polmar and Victoria Günzler with the aim to promote young Norwegian design and to increase fellowship and cooperation between young designers. Inside Norway 2013 is my first opportunity to showcase in the US.


Oo desk lamp

Designed for the exhibition “State of Things” by Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union).

The starting point for the design was my fascination with the lathed wooden balls and how the same shape in different sizes relate to each other. Imagine the base and the shade as wooden spheres, the part that is cut off the shade is used in the base only with a bigger diameter. The name Oo comes from these two spheres, a small and a big circle.

The arm moves freely through the stem which makes it possible to adjust the shade in height and angle. The lamp has a visible cord mounted with a custom switch and a high power 5 watt LED solution.

The prototype is made of oak and varnished with natural oil and wax.


— Thomas Jenkins

homas Jenkins (born 1980) is a British designer based in Oslo, Norway. Thomas currently divides his time

between his own studio and the Branding Agency Work.

Thomas attended London South Bank University where he graduated from a degree (1st class hons) in

Engineering Product Design in 2002. His career started immediately afterwards working for Dyson appliances, until 2006 when he moved to Oslo as a Senior Designer for Frost Produkt.

In September 2008 he was invited to attend a Summer School in the UK run by the Royal Designers for

Industry. Here he worked with and learned from some of the UK’s best designers and following this he was invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

On his return to Oslo, Thomas began working on some self initiated projects whilst freelancing for TBWA\Oslo. This continued until late 2011 when Thomas was asked to run the MA design course at the National Academy for the Arts in Oslo (KHiO) for 4 months.

In his work Thomas strives to create value by combining traditional craft with the best of today’s manufacturing techniques and materials. Creating idealistic yet pragmatic solutions through playful yet functional objects.

For more information about Thomas’ projects please visit

Module Two

In Darkness is a pendant lamp made out of a handcrafted glass shade, leather straps and a classic glowing bulb at the end of a fabric-coated cord. The straps are fastened to the cord holding the shade, while allowing the bulb to hang in free fall through the hole in the shade into the darkness. The shade filters the light that flow sideways into the room, giving the surroundings a dim atmosphere, while the area below is lit up.


— Øyvind Wyller

Øyvind Wyller is a product designer based in Oslo who graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2010. Since then he has been working closely with Simen Aarseth and Christoffer Angell in the collective Angell Wyller Aarseth on projects involving American and European manufacturers. In Darkness is his first solo project since 2010. 

In Darkness is designed by Øyvind Wyller, and made in collaboration with Magnor Glassverk. 

— Kristine Five Melvær

Norwegian Designer Kristine Five Melvær (b. 1984) investigates the subject of object communication, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. She focuses on the communicative potentials of objects as a means to create emotional bonds between object and user. By searching for the sensual essence of phenomena, she translates these qualities into sensuous objects with a Scandinavian simplicity.

Melvær holds a Masters degree in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (2008) and a Masters degree in Visual Communication from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2012). In 2012, Melvær launched eight series of objects exhibited in Stockholm, New York, Oslo, London and Tokyo. One of her Ray prototypes was acquired by the VitraHaus exhibition. In 2013, Melvær is exhibiting in Stockholm, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Oslo, Paris and London. In Milan Melvær exhibited four new series of prototypes at SaloneSatellite and launched her Soft Bowls with when objects work. Alongside her independent design work, Melvær works as a graphic designer in Dinamo Design.



Spring lamps:

The Spring lamps stretch towards the ceiling like living flowers. The size of the lamps, with the tallest measuring two metres, gives the impression of a glowing forest. When the lamp is turned on, the flesh-toned textile changes from opaque to transparent.


Materials: Welded steel cord structure, elastic textile coating, textile-covered electrical cord.

Soft Bowls for when objects work:

The Soft Bowl has a lip that bends upwards, joining up with the fruit inside. The contrasts in size, hue and gloss give the two bowls different personalities. The parallel tiling of the wood produces an almost braided look, like the layers are intertwined. The bowls change character with the content, resembling bowls when filled with something and wooden vases when herbs or flowers peek out. The bowl is part of a series of three Soft Bowls launched for the belgian producer when objects work in 2013.

Materials: Hand-turned beech wood / Hand-turned and oiled walnut wood

—Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal made her international debut as a designer in 2010, with prototypes including her widely noted tablecloth Underfull. The following years have been filled with various exhibitions, and her work have been published widely in various books and magazines.

In her work she focuses on everyday life, and wants to make you notice all the hidden beauty that you normally don’t see in your surroundings – to turn your daily routines into rituals to appreciate.


KEEPSAKE consists of two wooden shells that can be used separately as small bowls, or together as a closed capsule. It is something in-between a sculpture and a product. Like a sculpture, it is pleasurable to the eye and hand, and can be appreciated with no other utility value. But it is also a container with room to hold other small treasures – a keepsake for keepsakes.


Morten & Jonas is a designduo from Bergen, Norway. They have been working together since they graduad from Bergen Academy of art and design in May 2011. They are located in the citycenter of Bergen in an old sardin factory, USF Verftet.
They design products, space and environments with a human approach.

Their first product was launced at Stockholm furniture fair 2013. The table lamp “ Bake me a Cake” is a collaboration between Bergen prison, Bjørgvin prison, Northern Lighting and Morten & Jonas. You can read more about the lamp and the project at 



A series of lamps made out of spun brass. The series include tablelamps and a pendant lamp.

The base of the lamps is made of granite stone from Norway, handcrafted into two soft and warm shapes.

Brass and stone is normally looked upon as cold and hard materials. But by bringing the two materials together along with the warm lightsource, the materials is given a new dimension.